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at this point I’ve nearly forgotten that pirating movies and software is illegal

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“If he brought Fitz a monkey.”

—   Clark Gregg at the idea of Ward’s redemption. (via marvelshieldagents)

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Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

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reign meme: (1/1) episode

1x07 left behind

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siriusxm: #TatianaMaslany from #OrphanBalck. #EWRadio #EWLive #EWComicCon #SiriusXM @ewlive @tatmas @orphanblacktv

siriusxm: #TatianaMaslany from #OrphanBalck. #EWRadio #EWLive #EWComicCon #SiriusXM @ewlive @tatmas @orphanblacktv

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arrow season 3

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i just need to reblog this again because… ughhhhhhhh goddamnit asdfghjkleufhbwiuciwxhdnhu

Yeah…its a gift to be this sexy for just being standing up!

A guy leaning against a wall, crossing his ankles, should NOT be this damn sexy. But damn it, Stephen Amell had to do it.

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vin diesel with fans at the london premiere of guardians of the galaxy

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Evelyne Brochu

Making Of by Julie Artacho


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hpedit: Dobby’s Death 

 ‘Harry ... Potter ...‘
  And then with a little shudder the elf became quite still, and his
eyes were nothing more than great, glassy orbs sprinkled with
light from the stars they could not see.

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